The company Natumin Pharma grew out of a local health store started in 1948 - Hälsoprodukter in Tenhult, Småland.

The Kärnerud family took over ownership of Hälsoprodukter in the early 1970s and launched several successful products, such as Ecomer, Strix and Imedeen. In the early 1990s, Hälsoprodukter was sold to Ferrosan A/S. A few years later, Natumin Pharma was founded.

Natumin Pharma grew rapidly with heavy investments in research and development. In 2012, it invested in its own modern manufacturing facility for the production of medical devices, cosmetic products, food supplements and traditional herbal medicines. The manufacturing unit is located in Habo, near Jönköping.


Natumin Pharma was part of the Medica Natumin group until May 2022 when Humble Group acquired the company. Our business can today be divided into the following parts:

  • Independent contract manufacturer for both group companies and external customers in the field of cosmetics and food supplements.
  • Sales and production of our own brands.
  • Distribution and sale of the highly effective vitamin C from Ester C-company on the European market.

All the above is conducted from our efficient and customized premises in Habo just north of Jönköping.